Episode #5. The Debrief


"you need to use every trick in the book and a lot of those aren’t about democracy or good policy or anything else like that - they’re about being loud or attractive or whatever else.”

- Max

This is the final episode of PUNT! It’s the wrap up and aftermath following Flux’s first shot at running for the federal election.


Written, spoken and edited by: Zena Kells

Theme music: Making Worlds by GMZ 

David Copperfield quote 

Max's bible: The Book of Infinity by David Deutsch


Episode #4. LIVE from the Ballot Box


Updates on how the day unfolded...

4:30am - Tobias rises and sets up signs at polling booths all around Launceston. When he picks me up at 7:30 he says, "Next time I need to get up at 3:30!"

7:30am - final touches before the voters turn up! 

8am - The ballot box opens. Time to hand out all those How To Vote cards that were printed. But, getting someone to take your How To Vote card isn't as easy as it seems...  

Drama at the polling booth. AEC removing Nick Xenophon, Pauline Hanson and Family First signs as they are too close to the gate. Labor supporters say the AEC is wrong, they've been at this polling booth for years and signs + people have always been allowed that close to the gate!

Yep, reports from all polling booths confirms the trend, hardly anyone's taking the How To Vote cards! Most people seem to know who they're voting for. 

Food. The most popular thing at booths appears to be the sausages and cakes. Cakes were sold out at 11am. 

Polling closes. Gear is packed up. The party starts!

Watching Antony Green and the ABC's coverage begins..... Zena's had a lot of champers #PUNTpodxast?!

Antony (not Anthony) Green on the screen - counting the votes as they roll in

Antony (not Anthony) Green on the screen - counting the votes as they roll in

The result? You'll have to wait until the next episode! But for me, the next day = BIG hangover!


Episode #1. The Making Of A Political Party Called Flux


"All the uncertainty in our life right now is going to be answered on July the second."

- Nathan Spataro


In episode one, you’ll meet Max Kaye and Nathan Spataro the founders of The Flux Party who we will be following throughout this series. The story starts in Canberra as they try to officially register their party. 


Written, spoken and edited by: Zena Kells

Theme Music: Making Worlds by GMZ 

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